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Taboola Review tool group buy account – Content discovery platform

What is Taboola?

“Taboola is a content discovery platform that links advertisers and publishers.”

Taboola is an online sponsored content network that enables advertisers to distribute their content on premium media. It works as a native placement platform on publishing websites.

Taboola is a web-based content discovery and marketing service, intended to be used by publishers, writers, and media businesses. It connects companies with their targeted audience via right content published on websites and social media posts. Taboola helps business owners increase the brand awareness for both B2B and B2C targeting options, to reach bigger audiences and convert more leads.

For publishers, the platform offers simple but functional control panel with reporting section and section for blocking a certain content. Taboola Feed module delivers the scrolling newsfeed, while Newsroom allows editorial and audience teams to improve content with actionable data insights, A/B testing, and alerts. When it comes to reporting, there are two options: revenue summary and interaction funnel.


How does Taboola work?

Taboola mostly works on recommendations. When you integrate Taboola’s recommendation system with your web property, the visitors start to see promoted links on the side and at the bottom of the articles (it depends on where you have integrated the code). These links are images accompanied with respective titles and are designed to look native to the website’s content. This, in turn, helps in coping up with banner blindness. 

Users may or may not ignore banners, but they’re likely to scroll down and end up viewing the Taboola articles. That being said, unlike display ads, Taboola pays for clicks, not for impressions. So, the real trick to engage with users and make them read the content completely and also ensure they’re looking at the relevant promoted links.

Before getting into the details of targeting, we’ll have a quick overview of what Taboola offers for a publisher.

Content Recommendations

The sponsored links don’t need to be always ads. They are generally a mix of first and third-party content. The first party content is simply other articles from your website. These other articles can be recommended based on various factors like user’s interests, content on the current page, etc. When the recommended article is relevant to the user then the user is more likely to click on it, which increases the number of sessions on your website. This increased number of sessions leads to higher ad revenue. The third-party content will be from the advertisers who want to sell their product or bring traffic to their websites.

Continual Feed

The Taboola Feed brings a continual, personalized content feed to the readers. This continuity of the feed has taken its leaf from the books of social media sites. Just like how Facebook and Twitter keep giving the users new content in their feeds to keep the users engaged and glued to their platforms, Taboola also tries to keep the users on your site till they find the right relevant content to read. If the user clicks a link in Taboola Feed, then it will be either from your site or from an advertiser, in both cases it is a win-win situation for you and the advertiser.

Placing Taboola recommendations at the end of the page is not the only option. You can choose to place them on the floating right box or in between the articles as well.

Read More Button

Apart from recommendations Taboola also provides the “Read More” button which you might have seen on many websites. This button generally appears after the user has read an excerpt from the article. The remaining article is obfuscated by the button and the user has to click “read more” to view the remaining part of the article. The motive behind having the read more button is to bring the “sponsored links” way up to the top so that if the article is not able to grab the user’s attention in the beginning then at least the links would get a chance to do the same. 

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Taboola Benefits

Taboola gains the attention of your target audience and drives them to your website with the use of interesting and appealing content. This content is placed on a variety of websites to engage customers wherever they are. It follows a well-formalized approach in which a reader/visitor is first offered brand awareness. Highly engaging content that matches the reader’s interests is used for this purpose. Just as the reader’s interest escalates, Taboola retargets him outside and to your website. Now you can recommend more of your content, or certain content items, to consumers who show interest in your products or services.

Taboola drives targeted recommendations in exclusive native placements on hundreds and thousands of popular media outlets. It has made it very easy and simple to start and stop campaigns at any desired time. It is often used to get 100% transparency into the campaign performance and adjust targeting options and CPC. You can also use Taboola to help people ‘discover’ you when they read about your services on media outlets and then target them again to other platforms like Facebook.

Taboola is largely known to spread brand awareness across all platforms and gain a large share in target market as quickly as possible.

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Taboola Pros and Cons

Taboola Pros

•    Taboola provides you an additional source of revenue. The end of the article is a place where the reader has got the answer to his query and now, is ready to consume another piece of content. In such a situation Taboola provides an appropriate solution.

•    Publisher’s link in the feed helps in circulating traffic which provides an opportunity to display more ads to the user.

•    Publishers can acquire traffic from premium sites like MSN, CNBC, USA Today to build their audience. However, CAC (Cost of Acquisition) varies based on the placements. Premium publishers tend to command higher prices than the mid-sized or long-tail sites. 

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Taboola Cons

•    The sponsored links being recommended to the user can be of low quality, negatively impacting your brand image.

•    You have to rely heavily on Taboola’s support team as even the basic tasks like generating the tags require you to contact your account manager and then the tag will be shared with you.

•    The RPM rates are generally lower and therefore you need to have a substantial amount of traffic to generate decent revenue. Yet another

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Taboola Pricing and Discount with Coupon code

Pricing for Taboola’s content marketing platform is mainly based on the customer’s personal setup. This includes the creative aspect, budgeting, and targeting. As a user, you only pay when leads or site visitors actually click on your ads and reach the actual advertiser’s website. You may contact Taboola directly to get information about the pricing. For Taboola’s self-service option, a standard marketing campaign starts at $10 per day.

For more information about Taboola’s pricing and payment rates, you may visit their official website or contact the company directly to get a more complete picture of possible costs and expenses.

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Taboola was designed and developed to provide advertisers and publishers with a reliable and feature-rich content marketing platform. On those aspects, the solution actually does quite well. It is a good content discovery platform that offers a wide range of tools and capabilities for businesses to advertise their brand and products/services.

From the perspective of content creators and publishers, the platform serves as a good avenue for them to monetize their content and optimize it to target the right audience, engage site visitors, and increase conversions. The platform works on the model of pay-per-click (PPC) marketing campaign, cost-per-click (CPC), and cost-per-thousand (CPT) marketing metric.

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