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SaleSource Review

Competition is a natural part of being successful in business. If you’re not fighting to have upper hand over market rivals, it could mean interest in the future of your industry is low. Healthy competition is an indication of a thriving market with lots of energy, ambition, and opportunities for growth. So, even the biggest brands in the world strive for it.

Dropshipping is a contemporary way to earn a salary from the comfort of your home. While still relatively new, it is gaining popularity as one of the easiest and cheapest methods of starting an online business. There are virtually no overheads, and sellers can begin making a profit within weeks. For many people, dropshipping is the future of online commerce.

Competitive research is important for new businesses and existing. To dominate your market or niche, you need to know who your competitors are. Look what others in your industry are doing and what is working for them. You can learn many things from rivals.


What is SaleSource?

SaleSource is a marketing tool designed to help e-commerce businesses grow faster and more securely via the use of things like product analyses, trend evaluations, and competitor comparisons. It is particularly useful for dropshippers because it provides different ways to identify the most popular, in-demand products.

The tool is an AI-based application which is compatible with Shopify and supports all e-commerce platforms. If you’re sourcing from AliExpress, for example, it’s one of the most efficient tools available. There are four main features: Store Center, Sale Centre, Marketing Center, and Product Center. Across these four components of the tool, users can do the following:

•     Identify the most reliable online suppliers (via ratings)

•     View all current sales locations for a specific product

•     Determine which products are long term best sellers

•     Use data on market trends to identify products with the potential to go viral

•     Analyze competitor statistics (revenue, top products, visitor numbers, etc.).

•     Compare product prices among top-rated suppliers

•     Determine how many people/businesses are dropshipping a specific product

•    Automatically find top-rated suppliers, high converting product videos & generate descriptions

•     View dropshipping suppliers, products with viral video content & track the best selling products

•     Analyze and find winning products

•     Check that a product is not saturated by looking at all other stores selling it

salesource drop shipping

SaleSource Chrome Extension

SaleSource Chrome extension lets you analyze competing products. Use this powerful tool to prevent shipping and product research. There is no need to import data or images to search for the product. It starts automatically when a user connects via the product lists on SaleSource.

The analysis shows that there are one billion active Chrome users worldwide. The SaleSource Chrome extension is available to all users. Sellers can analyze and view the best selling products. It is not necessary to import software or data for analysis. Everything SaleSource does. This is a useful marketing tool for e-commerce companies. The Chrome extension also provides data on product specifications, sales diagrams, seller data, and important product price data.

salesource chrome extension

Main Features of SaleSource Review

SaleSource Store Center

Another feature of SaleSource is the Store Center which houses the Best Stores, Store Analyzer, Store Tracking and Store Checklist sections.

The Top Store section will display the current list of Shopify’s top-performing exhaust resellers, updated and updated weekly. You will find three buttons in this section; Bestsellers, Analyze the store and the Track store.

When you click on the best seller button, you will be able to see the best stores and their estimated revenue statistics.

Use the Analysis Store button to get a thorough understanding of these specific stores. It provides detailed information on many metrics, including the length of the operation and the amount of traffic the store receives.

With the Track Store, you can track your competitors’ store and fashion products. With these features, suppliers can access and analyze sales estimates for a wide range of stores, products, campaigns, apps and more.

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SaleSource Product Analyzer

Using the product analyzer, the merchants can access information about potential products they may want to add in their stores. The SaleSource Chrome extension can help them to import or upload an image of a product.

This feature is probably SalesSource’s best USP in many ways. It considerably helps to reduce the time it takes when manually searching for a single product.

Merchants can use this feature to gather lists of rival sellers, marketing videos for products, sales locations, and more.

This feature has a range of tags; each is labeled for ease of use and accessibility; these include:

Product Analyzer, News and Trending, Best Sellers (by niche), Best Sellers (all time), and Saved Products.

News and Trending:  The tab provides a list of popular products and is updated daily

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SaleSource Marketing Center

Marketing Center consists of Product Video Finder, Facebook Video Ad Finder, and product Traffic Checker.

Use the Facebook Video Ad Finder to browse an almost endless array of top-performing marketing videos. Seriously, you can search through more than 200,000 of these things. You will never run out of ideas for your own marketing campaigns if you use this tool. Check out videos from similar sellers, note which elements are most successful, and try to use them as inspiration for your own content.

Traffic Checker is another clever tool. It gives SaleSource users data on how many people have accessed a particular link. If you want to know how many people are visiting a specific product page every hour, day, or week, this is the quickest way to find out.

SaleSource Facebook Video Ad Finder

As the name implies, this feature gives access to top-performing marketing videos that will help you to view existing marketing campaigns that are successful. You can use SaleSource to learn from the videos from the best sellers and use them as inspiration.

SaleSource Sale Center

The sales center offers a number of professional training videos that can help merchants to learn how to use SaleSource to find premium products and sell and view the products of their competitors.

They are three pricing brackets $49, $99, or $299 per month.

For $49 you can analyze 50 products a month,

For $99 you can analyze 200 products per month

For $299, you can have access to over 1000 products.

There are professional or elite plans available to access the SaleSource’s in-house team support. With an elite plan, users have access to virtual assistants.

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Benefits of SaleSource

Instant Competitor Intelligence

With SaleSource you can view all the stores such as Shopify, Amazon, WordPress & many others for selling a particular product. You can spy on your competitors’ apps, themes & accurate sales estimate by their VolumeFind2 algorithm.

Find Top Suppliers

With just one click you can instantly view all suppliers for any product along with the cheapest price, USA shipping, and countless other benefits. This will save your time, money and keep your customers satisfied.

View Top Buyers

You can see who ordered the most units to determine market research. Join the Chrome extension for product research on one click where you find products at any time.

Get Results on Autopilot

This is another Chrome extension exclusive feature that views detailed trends of the past 6 months of the units of a product sold per day. It will give you an overview of the top trending products for the past 6 months.

Shopify Made It Simple

You can get weekly updates of products the top stores on Shopify sell and emulate their success with SaleSource. You can find over 20,000 top-selling & famous stores.

Disappearing Daily Trending Products

This is your personal dropshipping product feed. Here products disappear automatically before it becomes saturated.

Deep Shopify Store Analysis

With deep store analysis, you will find out everything about any Shopify store in just a matter of seconds. With this analysis, you will find details of all their best sellers, recently uploaded products, accurate sales estimate and more.

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Pricing Plan of SaleSource

Let’s now analyze the most important part of our SaleSource review that is the pricing. The tool comes with three pricing plans that can be paid monthly or annually.

FREE trial plan

In addition, a FREE trial plan is available which gives users full access to the software with the ability to scan five products.

Essential (basic) monthly plan

It’s Essential (basic) monthly plan is priced at $49 per month, allowing 1 user to access over 100 million products. If you talk about the yearly price of this plan then you have to pay only $29 per month.

This plan also contains features like:

•    New Trending Products (Daily)

•    Exclusive Personal Product Feed

•    Competitor Intelligence

•    Competitor Ad Campaigns

•    Product Description Generator

•    Bulk Product Video Finder

•    Deep Shopify Store Analyzer

•    Deep Product Analyzer

•    Best Product Research Chrome Extension

•    Shopify & Product Research Training

•    24/7 Live Chat Support

•    100+ Conversion Boosting Features

Now take a look at other plans

Pro – $99/month Or $59/month (For Yearly Subscription)

Pro plan contains all the features of the Essential plan that allows access to 1 user. But there are also some additional features such as:

  • Factory Pricing
  • Custom Conversion Training
  • Tailored Advertising Training & Support

Elite – $299/month Or $199/month (For Yearly Subscription)

The elite plan contains all the features of the Pro plan that allows and allows access to 5 users.

salesource dropshipping


Salesource is an excellent eCommerce product research tool that can be an answer to small business owners and online drop shippers.

Of course, you can run all aspects of SaleSource manually. However, this requires a certain amount of time. SaleSource does great job-saving money and money for business owners. Also, with SaleSource, no time is spent on products that are no longer sold. 

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