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Pexda tool group buy account – Hunting winning products and best selling products

What is Pexda?

Hunting winning products and best selling products are all in a matter of clicks. You will also have the opportunity to increase your profits turnaround, and you won’t be wasting your time, energy and money on bad products.

Without a doubt, PEXDA is the leading provider of hunting tools that helps you to find your winning product quickly, that have an eye-catching tag which portrays what they stand for, the label “Stop Wasting Your Money on Bad Products” says it all.

Interestingly, PEXDA is the most fantastic way of searching for the right product and winning product that you can sell on your Shopify store or Amazon.

When you use PEXDA, you will easily hunt down the winning product and beat selling products, winning products allows you to earn more money and generate more revenue from the products that are high demand in the market.

PEXDA works like a spying tool that helps you in finding winning products for your drop shipping business; you can dropship your products on Aliexpress, eBay or other online stores.




Easily the best feature of Pexda is its massive product database. This includes products that are current hot sellers with high conversions, giving buyers the chance to invest in products that are selling well.

Not only that, but there are also products that look likely to be big sellers very soon, so there is a complete collection of products that may be worth investing in. These remove a lot of the hassle of manually searching for products, giving the chance to quickly view what is hot and what is not.

Betters still, new products are constantly being added to the database by Pexda, so there are always some promising products available most days. This makes is possible to remain ahead of the curve, buying and selling untapped products before anyone else.

Using the product database is straight-forward. The grid layout shows each product with a high-quality image, how many days it has been listed for, how many orders were placed, and whether it’s potentially an untapped winning product.

For more detailed information on each product and access to some of Pexda’s core features, simply click on the product.

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Given the wide range of products listed and the number of new products constantly added, searching through Pexda database could have been overwhelming. Thankfully, the database comes with one of the best search tools around, letting buyers search for specific products based on a selection of niches and filters.

On the upper right section of the database is the niche filter. Here, you can search for products based on specific categories, including pets, kids and babies, hobbies like fishing or hiking, holiday themes, movies, food and drink, and many more categories.

This is ideal if you have a niche store you want products for or for searching for products that may be currently trending.

The sort function is also very useful for finding hot products. For instance, you can search for the newest products if you want to catch something before it gains traction, while it’s also possible to search for products based on current orders, which is a good way to find the best-selling products so far.

Another way to sort through products is their Facebook Ad metrics such as reactions, likes, shares, and comments. This is handy for finding products that are performing well on Facebook, removing much of the guesswork.

It is important to note that some search features are only available for certain paid subscriptions. For example, premium members can sort by selling price, product cost, and targeting reach.


Not every online retailer is a natural writer. Marketing products requires a unique form of writing to create engaging product descriptions, so the fact that Pexda provides these with every product is very useful. With this, you spend less time writing and more time selling products, which is what any good retailer wants.

Simply select the product from the database to visit its page, then copy the description written below the image. It couldn’t be quicker or easier to get an engaging Ad copy for your store.

Better still, the product comes with free video adds you can use on Facebook and other selling platforms. Videos are effective advertising tools but it’s important to use a video that isn’t a copyright infringement, which could lead your Facebook Ad account being banned.

Pexda members have permission to use all video adverts for products, so you never need to worry about creating or sourcing a video.

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Creating engaging Facebook adverts is always a chore. With Pexda, you get access to Facebook Adverts that are currently performing well, which you can as inspiration to create your own successful ads or even copy it directly if you’re not a fan of writing

Facebook Advert examples are included with every product on the database. Simply click on the desired product and go to the Facebook Ad section and follow the link. This section also gives a breakdown of how the advert’s metrics, including likes, reactions, comments and shares, so you know exactly how good it is for selling the products.


There is no point selling products without information about potential profits. Pexda delivers on this front, giving data on the selling price, product, cost, shipping costs, profit margin CPA, and Net profits.

This information is necessary for deciding if a product is worth buying and selling. You see what you’re paying and the potential profit margins for selling, giving buyers a clear indication of how worthwhile an investment is.


Just below the section on profits is data on the supplier, including a link to AliExpress where the products are available. Following this link gives more information about the product (e.g. cost, shipping, votes, feedback) you can even buy it directly from the link if you’re impressed with what you see.

It’s just another way that Pexda makes finding products easier. You aren’t trolling through different suppliers and manufacturers, instead using the products from the database and following the links to see if they are worth buying.


For anyone unsure of how to best promote their products on Facebook to reach the right target audience, Pexda has three premade targeting options that does the hard work for you. So, any product you’re thinking of buying comes with premade targeting campaigns you simply copy into Facebook.

Some aren’t tested however, so it’s always a good idea to use these are more of a groundwork to a more detailed target campaign. Still, it gives a clear idea of how to use targeting to your advantage, including suitable interests, age, gender, locations, and behaviours to target that are relative to each product.

Clicking on each target option opens a tab that gives more detailed information, including the potential reach and engagement figures for each one.

This feature basically makes it much easier to target audiences for every product. You can try a few of these to see how they perform and avoid the need to create your own targeting campaigns from scratch, saving lots of time and most likely a fair amount of money.

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We briefly mentioned untapped winning products, which are basically products that Pedxa predicts are going to sell well. There is no guarantee of this, however, as there is less information about these products compared to the other products, such as having no proven Facebook Ads.

They still have lots of potential to sell but are simply more of a gamble. You’ll still be able to check the products on AliExpress to gauge the number of orders, price, and other product info.

These still come with premade Facebook targeting profiles however, so you can easily attempt to sell something that is yet to hit the heights of other products – for now at least!  Untapped winning products are clearly marked in green to differentiate them from other hot selling products.


A relatively new feature on Pexda, the Google Chrome extension is very useful by adding three new features, including AliExpress targeting, auto search, and make requests to Pexda (e.g. search AliExpress, Amazon and eBay for niche products and even make ad copy videos for you).

Pexda Benefits Review

In this Pexda review lets talk about Some of the unique features and benefits of Pexda include:

•    This tool gives its members access to the best winning products, daily

•    It guides its members on how to bring more sales to their online store

•    Members get access to the proven ways of using Facebook Ad Copy for product/ business analysis

•    It facilitates the discovery of hot, best-selling products, even before your competitors are aware of the products

•    It adds to the members’ best-selling products’ lists daily

•    It offers comprehensive Amazon and AliExpress reports for products.

Pexda Pros

Right on pexda your investment will be moderate, it does not cost you much.

More insights are been provided to you about any product of your choice.

It has a simple user interface, not ambiguous, fully functional and also user-friendly.

You can hunt down as much winning products as you like on a daily basis

You are shown the breakdown of different audiences that you can target as your customer base.

Pexda Cons

Hope they can add more products very often and frequently.

They do not provide any webinar, videos, and tutorial like other products hunting tools.

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Pexda Pricing: How Much Does It Cost?

Basically, they come up with three plans and these plans are listed below:

You could pay off your plan with 2 sales per month!

50% OFF (Limited Time Offer)

Standard: ($1.95/14 days)

Great for new business

•    3 days delay on new winning products

•    Unlimited products per day

•    Facebook Ad report

•    Targeting Suggestion

•    Ad Copy – Fresh Videos

•    Geography & Device

•    AliExpress report

•    Amazon report

•    eBay report

•    Store Selling report

•    Auto Hunt Tool

•    24/7 support

Premium ( 24.95/month)

Everything you will get that you need for a growing business.

•    Unlimited products per day

•    Facebook Ad report

•    Targeting Suggestion

•    Ad Copy – Fresh Videos

•    Geography & Device

•    AliExpress report

•    Amazon report

•    eBay report

•    Store Selling report

•    Auto Hunt Tool

•    24/7 support

Ultimate (99.95/month)

The best plan for scaling new products.

•    Access to special products

•    Unlimited products per day

•    Facebook Ad report

•    Targeting Suggestion

•    Ad Copy – Fresh Videos

•    Geography & Device

•    AliExpress report

•    Amazon report

•    eBay report

•    Store Selling report

•    Auto Hunt Tool

•    24/7 support

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In conclusion, we can say that Pexda is an investment that is worth your money. If you own a drop shipping or ecommerce business, Pexda will enable you to find and buy pretty much anything without much hustle. With this handy tool, you do not have to spend hours doing market research and creating your own content, saving you a lot of time and effort. Besides, you do not have to pay much in order to get winning products. You can find the Pexda Coupon code below, copy the code and click “Go to the deal”.

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