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LeadPages Review tool group buy account – Powerful tool create stunning landing pages

What Is LeadPages About?

LeadPages is a powerful tool that helps website owners and bloggers create stunning landing pages. It’s designed for anyone who has no coding or design experience. However, I suggest that you pack yourself with basic technical skills and expertise before working with this kind of program to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

Inside the platform, you’ll see LeadPage Editor — a tool that comes with easy-to-use templates you can use on building your landing pages. It also allows you to edit the details so you can customize it according to your preference.

Also, it comes with other features that will help you grow your campaign with lead generation.


LeadPages Main Features Review

LeadPages A/B Testing

First of all, A/B testing is only available for Pro users or above. Second of all, it’s only available in the standard editor. It is fairly easy to do in Leadpages, here is how you can set up:

You can create alternate page versions and then test how they function for your users. The tool works as it should, and I don’t have any complaints as far as functionality goes. It’s much like other A/B testing tools I’ve seen.

LeadPages Analytics

Apart from its built-in analytics, this landing page tool also makes it easier for you to integrate it with Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

LeadPages Free Templates + Paid Templates

Leadpages templates are hands-down the best in the industry. They have 150+ templates broken down by purpose and industry.

And, as far as I’ve seen, nearly all of them are mobile responsive so they’ll render well on any device.

Need a lead capture template or a landing page for a special giveaway? You got it.

Are you a startup or tech firm that needs a landing page for a free guide or product pricing page?

The work has already been done for you. Just click, edit your details, and you’re pretty much set.

Maybe I’m just nostalgic about how helpful Leadpages’ templates were to me, but I love how easy it is to create a professional landing page in basically every industry for any purpose in minutes. 

Leadpages’ templates come in two forms: Standard and Drag-n-Drop. The standard templates have very few customization options (if any).

I’ll get into more detail further down in the pros and cons section, but there are a few things you have to know. The templates are a great feature for businesses, but there are some flaws that you need to know about.

leadpages pricing

LeadPages Drag-And-Drop Editing

Even without advanced technical skills, you can design your landing page with ease by simply dragging and dropping tools and design.

Leadpages describes the drag & drop editor as an editor “for those who want maximum flexibility to customize their page design. It will let you add more elements (text, images, functions) and move them around instead of just hiding them.”

Yes, the new drag & drop editor is more flexible. You can add and move elements. It has more customization options.  But it seems half-baked. At times it was painful to use – especially after using better tools. The clunky and unintuitive interface was frustrating. We don’t see it getting close to the better builder/editors for years not months. We expected better since Leadpages has been successful for a while now and are well funded. Drag & drop is not an insurmountable task or new innovation that came out of nowhere. Others have had drag & drop for years. Leadpages pricing is at a premium level and the builder should reflect that.

LeadPages Hosted Landing Pages

With LeadPages, you have the option to have your own domain or use them as your host for your website.

The editor (or builder) is where you edit the template to make it your own. Here you make all the style changes like button color, images and headline copy. Leadpages has two editors! This is important to understand for this review as well as your purchasing decision. So bear with us…

The standard editor (the only editor until March 2016) is their original and main editor. This editor offers few customization options which makes it easy to use but limiting. Some say it is so people can’t alter the templates that are laid out to convert – we are not so sure.

We know that the main complaint of Leadpages customers is inflexibility. To offer a more customizable editor they recently launched a drag-and-drop editor.

Both of Leadpages’ landing page editors disappointed us. And since those are the heart and soul of the software, we can’t recommend Leadpages in this review.

LeadPages Marketing Integrations

Using this tool you can integrate your CRM, webinar tool, email marketing service, payment gateway, etc., without a hassle.

leadpages login

LeadPages Website Integrations

They allow you to add a graphic call-to-action to a page, and when a visitor clicks on that, it opens up a pop-up prompting them for their email address. So it’s a useful extra feature to increase your email list. I’ll talk in the results section

Whatever your website service provider is — WordPress, Joomla, SquareSpace, to name some — LeadPages ensure that it can easily work with it.

Leadpages integrates with a number of email platforms. In jargon- free language, what this means for an entrepreneur is that they just type in the details of their email platform and link it up, without having to code, and when people use a signup feature on a Leadpages page that person will go straight on to your existing email list.

LeadPages Leadboxes

Finally, something I really liked. Leadboxes are pop-up boxes triggered by an action like a button click, exit intent, or time on a page. 

Leadboxes allow you to send leads to a sub list, sign attendees up for a webinar, or send a lead magnet. You can find all of these functions in the settings, and you don’t even have to leave the Leadbox tool to see the changes.

More styling would be great, but it was so easy to use and I was pleased with how intuitive Leadboxes were to create. However, there really is only one Leadbox design. I don’t need hundreds, but a few options would have been nice.

Here’s more good news: you can customize Leadboxes in the drag-and-drop editor. Sure, there’s only one design, but you can customize it so that it looks different, which is a relief because I didn’t want to feel boxed in (pun intended).

leadpages affiliate

How Much Does LeadPages Cost? Leadpages Pricing Plans

Leadpages offers both SMB and enterprise pricing plans for businesses of all scales and industries. Take a look at the details:

LeadPages Standard – $25/month

•    More than 160 templates with drag and drop customization

•    More than 40 tools for software platforms

•    WordPress plugins

•    Custom Facebook tabs

•    Unlimited Lead boxes

•    Unlimited Traffic

•    Mobile responsive landing pages (unlimited)

•    Q& A coaching calls

•    Email Support

•    Facebook community access

LeadPages Pro – $49/month

•    All Standard Plan features

•    Chat pages

•    Partner companies discount

•    Affiliate program access

•    Leaddigits text to opt in Codes

•    One Click signup links

•    Split A/B testing

LeadPages Advanced – $199/month

•    All Pro Plan features

•    Five free Leadpages sub accounts

•    Extra lead digit text messaging campaigns (50)

•    Quick start call

•    Free virtual workshops

•    Annual conference discounts

•    Advanced integrations

•    Telephone support

leadpages templates

LeadPages Pros

•    “Leadpages is perfect for people who just want a single (or a couple) of landing pages and arent in the biz of creating dozens of landing pages for internet marketing.”

•    “Everyone loves Leadpages, right. When you think about good looking landing pages, Leadpages is who comes to mind.”

•    “Leadpages is great for exactly what it says — leadpages. It creates beautiful landing pages with very little effort.”

•    “Provide a lot of helpful information through their newsletter. Reliable once patient actually accesses information needed.”

leadpages review

LeadPages Cons

•    “M frustrated that the coupon functionality with Stripe doesn’t work in Leadpages. I use coupons as a way for other bloggers to sell my events, and I track their usage by who used which coupons.”

•    “At the time, there was no direct integration with Shopify. This made life very difficult.”

•    “If you have a product launch the last thing you need is to wait weeks and pay big bucks for a dev to get a page up, this lets you go live without all the headache.”

•    “It can be very difficult to figure out…a lot of things I’ve learned just by accident.”

what is leadpages

Final Thoughts

Currently, LeadPages is one of my go to products in my marketing toolbox.  It’s especially essential for implementing the content upgrade strategy.

And it’s great for testing out various landing pages because I can pump them out so fast.

While there are some people that may shy way from LeadPages because of the recurring subscription price, first consider how much email marketing can add to your bottom line.

Make email marketing a focus of your business strategy, and LeadPages certainly becomes a worthwhile investment.

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