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Doba tool group buy account – Connects online entrepreneurs and retailers

What is Doba?

Doba is a U.S. based dropshipping service, which acts like a middleman that connects online entrepreneurs and retailers with suppliers and products that they can sell. They have over 2 million products on their website, ranging from apparel to books. It’s more than just a supplier directory though, Doba also provides the tools to find products, export them into your online stores, and make sure the suppliers ship them to your customers as soon as the order comes in. Hell you even can get a virtual assistant to help you. This is how it works:

•    Browse the Doba marketplace to find products you want to sell.

•    Create an import list with all the products you wish to sell.

•    Import your chosen products to your online store or marketplace.

•    Make a sale and then pay Doba for the product.

•    Supplier receives your order and dispatches your item to your customer.

•    Profits are deposited into your account.


Features of Doba

These are some of the features of Doba drop shipping that will draw you in.

Automated &Customized inventory

You can create your very own product list in order to make it easier tracking inventory. A customized inventory works best for sellers limited to a specific niche, say fashion, health & fitness, DIYs, etc.

The site also automatically generates a list of profitable products from various niches to help you better manage your inventory. This allows you to easily export best selling products in bulk.

To help with ordering, the platform is designed to issues notifications to alert you when products are running out of stock.

Product data formats

The Doba platform is actually one of the easiest to use. Exporting product data to your e-commerce platform is quick and easy. With Doba, you get a list-full of product data formats to suit different platforms including individual web stores, and giants like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Volusion. Pro members get to access all product data formats.

Insightful reports

Doba publishes seller reports that actually help you focus your selling and marketing efforts to more profitable niches. Generally, the seller reports contain fundamental market statistics about top sellers and the most profitable products. This will certainly help you keep a better inventory.

Search and filter functions

Doba features an extremely advanced search technology that lets you easily locate exactly what you are looking for.  Search results are generated as you type on the search bar, being refined each time you make a change; until you get exactly what you want.

You also get several filter categories to help you quickly browse over the undesired products. The filter categories include price, supplier, state, and quantity, among others.

Supplier info & ratings

The best thing about Doba is that you get detailed information about the various suppliers listed on their platform.  Supplier information shared on the platform includes product category, MOQ requirements, lead time, delivery speed, order fulfillment data, etc.

You also get to see how the suppliers were rated based on previous transactions. Based on the supplier scorecard, you can tell which suppliers are performing better and which ones are not reliable for your specific demands.

Elaborate order tracking

The Doba order tracking process takes the stress out of waiting for your order. You know exactly where you order is from the time you complete the ordering and checkout process. You track your order from processing to shipping (with dates, time and locations), to delivery.

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Doba Pros

The website is easy to understand and navigate 

•    It provides helpful educational resources for dropshipping 

•    It’s easy to customize your own inventories for quick reference

•    The integration between Doba and 100+ Shopping Carts makes uploading product info much faster and easier

•    You get low inventory notifications as a precaution against overselling

doba reviews

Doba Cons

•    Membership isn’t cheap

•    The products are expensive and difficult to compete with on major platform

•    The general across-the-board online opinion of Doba isn’t favorable

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Doba Pricing and Discount with Coupon Code

Even though there are a lot of products (over 2 million claimed) at great prices, most of them have a drop ship and shipping fee.

Examples of Pricing Compared to Amazon

Here are two real examples:

Let’s Tackle the ABCs (a toy for kids.):

•    Doba price: $35.01

•    Shipping: $9.58

•    Drop ship fee: $0

•    Total: $44.59

Amazon price shipped: $40.77

Garmin 205w Navigation

•    Doba price: $120.23

•    Shipping: $8.16

•    Drop ship fee: $0

•    Total: $128.39

Amazon price shipped: $91.98

These are just two random items that I pulled from their front page featuring items. I have also searched almost every working day to find cheaper items. While there are some that are cheaper than Amazon, there are also some that aren’t available. However, most of the ones that are cheaper are only cheaper by minuscule amounts.

Example of a Product I’ve Sold

Here is one we have sold on our site:

Timex Ironman T5J721

•    Doba price: $27.09

•    Shipping: $0

•    Drop ship fee: $0

•    Total: $27.09

Amazon: $29.99

Your profit: $2.90

Keep in mind, this is only if you can sell it for $29.99. Most retailers try to beat that price, which lowers the profits a bit. Please don’t forget that you have to pay your credit card processor, which can cost anywhere from 50¢ up to even $1.75, depending on who you use.

You’d have to sell 20 or 30 of them to make up the monthly fee.

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Doba has many strong points. It is easy to export product information, save time with the data integration options, and also navigate through a massive catalog of items. Doba clients will also benefit from the research and ranking that Doba has done, as there are many less-than-spectacular companies in the dropshipping sector.

It might be not cheap at all for startups, but you should be able to make up the monthly costs most of the time. In short, the Doba platform has so many products with reasonable prices and other tools that make a dropshipping business easy to start or expand.

Like any business that requires a monthly investment, it is important that your sales channels are able to create repeatable monthly income. If you are just starting up your first website, this might not be the ideal platform. On the other hand, if you are already making sales on a regular basis, Doba can help you expand with very little effort.

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