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CJ Dropshipping tool group buy account – Tool designed involved in outsourcing

CJ Dropshipping Reviews

CJ Dropshipping is a tool designed for people who want to get involved in outsourcing. The user needs to sell their products. CJ Dropshipping will handle everything else including sourcing and shipping the products in question. They have a warehouse fulfillment center in the United States to ensure that they’re able to deliver products quickly and securely. The platform works with a mobile app. It is very fluid and works easily for the user. The platform offers real-time updates for the hottest selling products on the planet. On top of that, users will gain access to high-quality videos and images for these products. 


Benefits of dropshipping with CJDropShipping

CJDropShipping Free US warehouse inventory

USA warehouse fulfillment center to promise a fast, secure, and stable delivery to customers, the USA warehouse is free!  Items are pre-stocked can be processed the same day in the US Warehouse and ship via USPS in 2-5 days! You just need to pay the shipping cost.

CJDropShipping Sourcing any products for your dropshipping business and free

Source product as your requests with reliable quality and lower rates. CJDropShipping can source any products in China for you without any charges. Post a sourcing request to CJ APP and you will get the quotation in 24 business hours.

CJDropShipping Cheaper price for factory direct supply goods

Cooperates with hundreds of factories. Factory direct supply goods, offering a full range of drop shipping business allows you to carry a large variety of products at a low price without the cost of warehousing them.

CJDropShipping Print on Demand with thousands of products

Sell custom design products online with Printful print-on-demand dropshipping. Thousands of printable products are supported. Both of your buyers design it and design it by yourself will be available.

CJDropShipping Professional products video and images supply

 The product needs a great video to get the message across to the audience. Amazing product images & video bring you more sales. 

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The Best Features of CJ Dropshipping

Free App With NO Order Limits

The CJ Dropshipping app connects seamlessly with Shopify or WooCommerce (a big bonus for those on a budget). As of January 2020 they are also now listed in the Shopify App store which adds a great level of trust since the app (and their operation) is now monitored by Shopify.

The CJ app is free to install and connect to your store with no technical knowledge required. The app makes listing products, placing orders, managing orders and tracking easy. You can do everything order related right from your My CJ dashboard.

Better prices

CJ Dropshipping offers prices that are very similar to AliExpress prices. This is mainly where they make their money. They are very smart at pricing products because they know that even if they just match the AliExpress prices, they offer a far better service.

Once you start doing volume you can negotiate prices with them and your agent will almost always give you better prices if you start doing more than 50 units per day.

Fast Shipping From China (or USA)

This is the biggest benefit. CJ Dropshipping offers a ton of great shipping options. Many of the products that they have available for you to list are already stocked in US warehouses. You then have to option to simply use local USPS Shipping. This tends to be more expensive – and that makes total sense.

They also have their own shipping option CJPacket (5-15 Days shipping) and USPS+ which ships from China but delivery is usually 4-8 Days. They also have the usual ePacket and the rest but these are the 2 shipping options you need to use.

Processing Times

One of the BIG problems with dropshipping from AliExpress is that the Ali sellers are usually dropshippers themselves. Once you place an order, they then order the product from the supplier.

The suppliers often have minimum orders so they might wait a few days to get enough orders before they can place an order. Sometimes it can take a week before they even process your order.

With CJ Dropshipping they usually have the products listed in their warehouse so their processing times are fast – usually 1-3 days. For products they do not have in their warehouse it takes 3-5 days. Still much better than AliExpress.

Quality Control

Unlike AliExpress, CJ Dropshipping does quality control before they ship products to make sure that they don’t ship broken items or things that are obviously crap. From my experience this can be a hit or miss since crap products are crap from the supplier and they can’t do much about that.

Huge Inventory of Proven Products

With so many dropshippers turning away from AliExpress, CJ has built up a huge inventory of products for you to choose from.

They also have it very conveniently sectioned so you can easily find what you are looking for. You want to pay particular attention to “Trending Products”. These are products that other dropshippers are successful with currently.

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Products With Videos

Another great feature from CJ Dropshipping is their videos. They have their own production studio where they make their own product videos. These are freely available for you to use – great for Facebook Advertisers.

You can also request a photoshoot and let them make a product video (or photos) exclusively just for you. The cost varies and is about $150 if you want exclusive rights to the video. The quality is okay and it is usually just in-studio so don’t expect great Instagram looking videos.

Sourcing Products for you

My absolutely favourite feature is their sourcing feature. You can request for CJ Dropshipping to source a product for you. You just need to provide them with some product photos and the AliExpress URL. The number of sourcing requests you can place is determined by how many products you have sold through CJ, but you start with 5/day and that is plenty.

Custom packaging

CJ Dropshipping offers custom packaging. If you want to set yourself apart from the competition in Dropshipping you need to create a brand. Using “blank products” and branding your packaging is a cheap and risk-free way do that.

They have a number of options but even just putting your logo on a box can make a huge difference in the perceived value of your product.

As of the start of 202 they offer engraving/etching on to products as well so this could also be a branding option depending on the products you sell.

Access to an Agent

When you start doing sales you will be assigned an agent. He/she will be your main point of contact. My agent has been incredibly good. I have him on Skype and he responds without fail.

An agent can be invaluable to the success of your dropshipping business. They are your eyes and ears on the ground. They can quickly send you some products photos or answer product related questions quickly.

Most of all, they can give you insight into what is currently selling.

Chat support

I’ve never had to wait more than 10 minutes to get hold of someone at CJ Dropshipping. I will add that my time zone (in Sydney, Australia) works great. Getting hold of people quickly and having them be fluent in English is a huge bonus for dropshipping from China.

Print on Demand

One of the CJ Dropshipping features that is flying under the radar is their Print on Demand products. Some of them are same old but there are a few that is well worth checking out. I’m sure some of these you will recognize from ads you’ve seen in your FB Feed and wondered where it came from. (and then wonder why the fuck you did not know about this 1 year ago – lol).

CJ Dropshipping is not all moonshine and roses. Like anything that sounds too good to be true there are issues. Here are some of the things I like least about them.


CJ Dropshipping Pros

Foods or health medicine can’t be stored for a long period of time. In case it expires, the only option that destroys the product. Six months before the expiry date, you need to initiate promoting such products. Hence, it is the most important benefit of drop shipping with

•  The factory direct supply goods facility of offers a complete range of drop shipping business and it, in turn, enables the customers to manage a great variety of products in an affordable price without the warehouse cost.

• will not place any invoice or receipt into its customers’ parcel without taking their permission.

•  The custom cards, as well as pouches, of the customers of will be available and that will be inserted into each of their parcels.

•  The fastest delivery time of to the USA is within the time-frame of 4 days by ePacket.

• is the key drop shipping partner of the topmost 100 Shopify stores.

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CJ Dropshipping Cons

With the progress of E-commerce, the competition has been increased tremendously with every passing day. Although the drop shipping business model holds several benefits, as compared to conventional sales models, however, it also experiences tough challenges.

cjdropshipping support


With a 20,000 square meter warehouse and 200 cooperated factories, CjDropshipping is another reliable dropshipping company. Some of the most popular online giants like Amazon, eBay, Shopify, WordPress, and Etsy rely on CjDropshipping for product sourcing, order processing, inspection, and shipping. The company also includes your fliers or custom cards in each package without putting any receipts or invoices. Additionally, CjDropshipping claims to offer the fastest delivery to the United States in as little as 4 days using ePacket.

So, these are some of the most trusted drop shipping companies from China that can help you get your online store up and running. As with every contract, before you choose a company, it is highly recommended to read their policies, and terms & conditions.Blog: 

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