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AnsTrex tool group buy account – Analysing the competitor’s campaigns

What is AnsTrex?

Analysing the competitor’s campaigns makes your task 70% easier. It not only explains what you can go well but also provides you with some ideas and secrets that many of your competitors are implementing.

AnsTrex has many features to provide you with a competitive edge over your competitors.  Full Alexa & SimilarWeb integration helps you analyze where your competition is getting clicks. It helps you to be in the game while exploring the moves of your competitors.

Setting alerts can be used to get an email whenever any of the competition takes any action according to the set rules.


Who Can use Anstrex?

1. Affiliate Marketers

Being an affiliate marketer, I understand how important is it to spy in the market and understand what other people are doing.

You can collect a lot of data from various ads and replicate those ads on various other marketing channels.

2. Brands

Brands can market themselves by running impression ads to get more visibility of their brand image.

Awesome retargeting can be done by the brands to bring back abandoned customers.

3. Content Writers

Content writers can promote their content on various big websites and get more visitors in their blogs.

4. Viral Sites

It’s a magic tool for people running viral niche sites.

With this tool, you can see all the top-performing viral content in various niche and you can download most viral images from various articles.

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Anstrex Main Features Reviews

1. Better Images to advertise

You may get confused when it comes to deciding which ad creative will work for the campaign. You can learn from your competition. Check out what creatives are working for them. Get an idea, Create one for yourself and start promoting it.

There is a tool to find great converting images in your images similar to your competition. It is really helpful when you’re the solopreneur sitting in front of your machine finding some great creative ideas to start your campaign in the market.

2. See what is working for your competition

Not just images and videos work in a campaign. Targeting, text, hashtags, links, emoticons and many more aspects of a campaign impact the conversion rate of a campaign. As a result, it impacts your success.

If you’re a marketer, you can use Anstrex for a long time just to keep an eye on your competition and help your marketing team in generating more promotional ideas.
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3. Powerful filters to Learn the secrets of competitors

When you search for campaigns, you may get lost finding the right inspiration for your campaigns. But AnsTex helps you find the right inspiration and the right competition to help you do great marketing campaigns.

4. Save on Marketing by Increasing your success rate

When you spend less time in experimenting with your marketing and advertising, you definitely save more on marketing.

5. User Community

Yes, I could easily ask questions and my doubts about the features whenever I found any problem or confusion using the platform. The community is dedicated to helping each other.

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Anstrex Pros

  •     Easy to install and configure
  •     Economical pricing
  •     Content marketing
  •     Direct sales
  •     Affiliate marketing
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Anstrex Cons

  •     The sheer volume of competition data could take more time to compile and make decisions for startup companies with no experience
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Anstrex Pricing Plans and Discount with Coupon Code

Before you move further on this Anstrex review, it’s important to know if it’s within your budget.

So it offers three plans:

•    Native Only: $59.99/month.

•    Push only: $79.99/month.

•    Push + Native: $124.99/month.

All plans come with a 2-day moneyback guarantee. Well yes, I do agree that a slightly longer test-period could make things a lot easier.

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Asterex is one of the most advanced native ad tools that offers you in-depth information regarding what’s trending in the world of native ads. You can access data from various ad networks like PowerAdSpy, Outbrain, Taboola, etc… in one place. Also, you can classify this data based on the affiliate network, which helps you through the product research phase of your affiliate marketing business.

Although, there are several native ad spy tools available — Spyrush, Advault, etc… but none of them offer what Anstrex can. You can spy on your competitors, rip off their landing pages, use the most popular creatives, and also keep track of what your competitors are up to. Plus, with this tool, you gain insights into over 10 million native ads published across 90 countries, which no other tool can deliver.

With so many advantages that come with this native ad spying tool, the only reason for not having it could be its price. Although we’ve emphasized how important it is to invest in a native ads spy tool, we completely understand that $59.99 to $124.99 per month could be a wee bit too much for small businesses.

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