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AliDropship Review tool group buy account – American hosting provider

What is AliDropship ?

AliDropship is an American hosting provider that offers web hosting solutions designed both for beginners and experts in the field.

When it comes to hosting, they are specialized in providing WordPress solutions to which they include AliDropship plugin.

The server setup is free and plans include user-friendly control panel, email addresses, advanced protection with their SSL certificate integrated in the web hosting packages, as well as support for PHP 7.2. Plus, you also get IonCube Guard Loader for software protection.

The disadvantage here is that none of their plans include unlimited features except for the unlimited bandwidth. Other companies that offer WP solutions might have more powerful features or hardware included in the plans. Another disadvantage is that customers can only purchase WP services as no other web hosting solutions – such as shared hosting, dedicated servers or VPS servers – are available.


AliDropship Main Features & Benefits

There are many benefits & features to using a plugin such as AliDropship to streamline your drop shipping activities, these include:

Import feature

Any product featured on AliExpress can be imported with a click of a button, making for quick and simple creation of a store. This means that you don’t have to spend time painstakingly copying information and images over, instead the plugin automatically imports all aspects of an AliExpress product page. Your imported listings can then be edited and further modified, allowing you to change title, descriptions, photos, etc, for store personalization.

Automated Price Markup

Similar to any business, one of the biggest reasons why most drop shipping stores fail is because they simply don’t make a profit, why? Well this can be due to a number of reasons, but one being that they begin to make a loss on products when they’re not agile enough to realise their supplier has changed theirs. With increased costs on your end, you need to be able to react instantly to prevent loss of profit. The AliDropship plugin allows you to set a pricing markup via a %, meaning that as your suppliers costs change, your costs change in relation. The plugin will check your suppliers costs every day if you specify. Not only this, but if the supplier runs out of stock or stops selling the product entirely, the listing on your own dropshipping store will match this, meaning that you aren’t selling anything that you cannot get stock of immediately.

alidropship plugin

Currency Conversions

The AliDropship plugin allows you to show different prices to users different IP locations, why is this useful? Well, let’s say you wanted to take advantage of psychological principles to encourage your visitors to buy such as the $7.99 cent rule, i.e not rounding up to the nearest dollar. Well if this price was directly converted for a UK resident it would be around £6.24, which does not take advantage of this psychological principle. Therefore having control of pricing based on geographical location is a useful feature!

Shipping Options

This plugin allows you to set shipping options on a product by product basis. This is important as different products will cost different amounts to send, not only due to size and weight, but also due to the destination. Therefore, having a plugin with this feature is crucial to secure your profitability.


For a successful store, you need a frictionless purchasing process, yes that’s a process that requires the minimum amount of effort for your potential customer to complete, therefore you need a payment gateway, or even multiple payment gateways for your customer to choose from. The AliDropship plugin offers access to the following payment gateways, supporting Paypal (& Paypal one click purchase), 2Checkout, PayU and Stripe.

Abandoned Cart

For visitors who have provided contact information, if they abandon cart at the checkout, AliDropship has a feature to set up automated emails which can be sent to the visitor, with the aim to entice them to come back and complete the transaction, this is an ideal time to send them a coupon code offering 10% off to give them an offer they simply cannot refuse.

alidropship chrome extension

AliExpress Cashback

The AliDropship plugin allows you to claim up to 12% cashback on your stock purchases at AliExpress, for more information refer to the AliDropship Cashback Information page, however, you can essentially sign up (for free) for the AliExpress affiliate scheme, and when you recieve your unique affiliate code, AliDropship has an area to input this code, so whenever you make an order, you can claim up to 12% of your money back, as a referral fee… Win, win!

Automated Ordering System (One-Click)

This is where the paradox begins, your drop ship store begins to get busy, and ironically despite it being a drop shipping store, you’re now busy too! Well, isn’t the reason why you started a drop shipping store for more free time! Well, the AliDropship plugin has your back here, as it features a one-click place order button, which transfers all of the data inputed within each of the orders you have into aliexpress, where the orders are processed automatically… Incredible right! Meaning that all you need time for is the click of a button.
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AliDropship Pricing and Discount with Coupon Code

Unfortunately, and surprisingly, AliDropship doesn’t offer a free trial. You can see a demo, but you do not have the option to take the AliDropship plugin for a ride before you commit to paying the full $89. It’s a one-off fee, which gives users access to all of the features and more discussed above. It doesn’t include any hosting or domain fees. If you’re serious about running a dropshipping business – AliDropship is a great option, as it’s the most affordable option out there. The competition charges a monthly fee, that quickly adds up.

alidropship reviews

How to Start AliDropship?

Getting started with Alidropship is simple and easy. Considering you’ve done your market research, found your niche and are ready to start putting that to work, there’s plenty of resource on the AliDropship Knowledge Base website to help you. Assuming you are opting for the AliDropship plugin, here’s 10 steps to dropshipping with AliDropship:

1.    Buy the AliDropship plugin.

2.    Get your domain and hosting (you may buy hosting with the AliDropship plugin, which is optimized for all your dropshipping needs).

3.    Install the AliDropship plugin with a single click on WordPress.

4.    Customize your website theme to make sure it’s compatible with the AliDropship plugin (only WordPress built-in themes are compatible).

5.    Set up your price formula: in the AliDropship settings, set your desired price formula, and it can be applied to all your products automatically. It could be x2, x3 or x4 the price you pay, or you can simply choose “Add recommended” if you’re not sure.

6.    Set up your payment gateways: PayPal, Stripe or other.

7.    Activate your license using the license key you received with your plugin.

8.    Install the AliDropship Chrome extension to be able to import products to your store.

9.    Find products manually or with the help of plugin, which pulls all the best selling products from AliExpress.

10.    Import products to your store, edit descriptions and publish to sell.

alidropship plugin free


After a long walkthrough of the dropshipping experience in this AliDropship review, it becomes very clear that the platform is a feature-rich, easy-to-use, and all-in-one retail solution.

However, for those who aren’t ready to commit upfront, they may have to look elsewhere as there’s no free or trial version.

On the other hand, the one-time payment option works as a great long-term investment as it’s not too expensive and AliDropship provides you with tons of premium features such as adding unlimited products from AliExpress, automation for many processes, abandoned cart recovery, and easy product and order managing.

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