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Adbeat tool group buy account – Powerful competitive intelligence platform

What is Adbeat?

Adbeat has already become a powerful competitive intelligence platform for the worldwide known advertisers, that helps to create your most effective advertising strategy. Adbeat helps you to increase budget on display ads, getting the best quality traffic and achieving company’s sales goals. Using the product provided, you can analyze your display advertising campaign, find your strong and weak points. Keep an eye on the most successful publishers, uncover new traffic sources, that are already working for your competitors and adopt measures to improve your ads.


Main Adbeat Features

You use Adbeat to gain insight into your competitors with the following features: 

1. Advertiser Profile 

From the search bar, you can track any advertiser from your dashboard, and Adbeat will put together a profile that includes key information like: 

•    Ad Channels

•    Standard Ads

•    Native Ads

•    Landing Pages

•    Ad Creatives

In addition, Adbeat will pull up similar advertisers and an overall ranking compared to advertisers in a target location. 

This basic information excellently summarizes the basics you need to get a sense of the who, what, where, why, and how of your competitors’ strategy. 

2. Advertiser Ads 

With Adbeat, you can also see all of the ads your competitor has published for a set amount of time. The idea behind this is simple—it gives you a first-hand look at exactly what they’re doing. 

It also provides some additional useful information like the type of ad, sales, and recent trends. This is not only helpful for advertisers but also content publishers looking to create new ideas for their own platforms.  

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3. Ad Locker 

With Ad Locker, you can take everything you discovered in your ad research and save the best examples in one convenient place. 

This is one of the simpler Adbeat tools, but it’s really helpful for keeping all your ideas and materials organized.  

4. Competitive Benchmarking

With an Enterprise plan, you can unlock competitive benchmarking. With it, you can not only see your ad spend over time but your top competitors all from one easy dashboard. 

You’ll also be able to filter by device type to get the granular data you need to bring back to your own campaigns. 

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5. Publishing Tools 

Adbeat brings marketing and publishing tools into one easy-to-use interface. One of the other cool features on the higher-tiered plans is Top Publisher. This shows you the publishers where your competitors buy the most traffic from. 

You can use this information to spend your budget more effectively by using publishers with proven track records of success. 

Likewise, content publishers can use this information themselves to find the best places to seek not only advertising partners but backlinks as well. 

adbeat review

A Powerful Display Advertising Spy Tool

AdBeat is an online marketing spy tool that allows you to uncover any advertiser’s ad strategy. AdBeat’s focus is on display advertising, not search engine advertising.

The tool covers 26 different countries, 90+ ad networks and five different device types (Desktop, iPhone, iPad, Android, Android Tablet).

Key features include

•    Uncover where a specific advertiser runs ads

•    Find out an advertiser’s top ads

•    Research advertisers that are similar to your competition

•    Reveal who advertises on a specific domain

•    Show the top ads for a specific domain

This AdBeat review is based on the AdBeat Pro Advanced plan.

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AdBeat Pros (Advantages)

•    There is a basic free but limited plan and you can also get a free live demo.

•    Adbeat created its own algorithm that allows it to process and present new and powerful insights into the data it collects. 

•    It offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee that allows you to get a refund if you are not satisfied.

•     with the product during the first 30 days of your subscription. 

AdBeat Cons (Disadvantages)

•    It is a little pricey but its benefits may leverage the investment.

•    It only works in 25 countries and Mexico is the only Latin American country of the list.

•    There is no free trial for paid plans.

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AdBeat Plans, Pricing Discount with Coupon Code

AdBeat offers three main plans: intro ($99/month), standard ($249/month) and advanced ($399/month).

The intro plan gives you access to all display, programmatic and native ads. It allows you to search for advertisers, ads and publishers by keyword and will show results from all 26 available countries. The data is limited to 500 results per search and the last 30 days.

The main difference compared to more expensive plans is that they offer more options to filter your results, more results per search and longer periods of data.

The standard plan offers 1,000 results per search and 90 days of data. The advanced plan offers unlimited results per search and one year worth of data.

In addition to the three main plans, there are two special plans which are less advertised: “Google only” ($79/month) and “Google + Mobile” ($129/month). These plans are very interesting options for advertisers who focus on the Google display network.

The “Google only” plan offers access to all desktop ads on the Google display network in all 26 countries. The “Google + Mobile” plan features all desktop and mobile ads on the Google display network and additional filter options.

Both of the special plans include unlimited results per search and two years of data. So if you don’t need access to all ad networks the Google only plans are a great value for money.

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Well with Adbeat, you can improve advertising ROI just by enlightening marketing strategy of your competitors. It discovers high performing publishers and also recognizes their best converting ad copy, sales funnel and landing pages.

You can surprise your clients and show that no agency other than this can provide the best. It lets you recognize shifts in advertiser just to collect more revenue, close maximum deals, discover new clients and also reveal those advertisers who want to buy more. It searches for new competitors, ad-networks, real-time publishers that will design more beneficial plans and it will just blow clients away.

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